Gerdes Heritage Fowl

This first post marks the launching of my new blog “Saremansagnews”. The first farm we are featuring is Gerdes Heritage Fowl.  Dan Gerdes is owner and operator and lives near Johnson, NE in Nemaha County.

photo guard dog
Dan lives on 2.5 acres where his 210 ducks and 40 chickens are raised free-range together. His primary breed of ducks are Khaki Campbell. Hs has a Great Pyrenees guard dog named “Freyr” who protects his fowl from predators.


photoducks outside
Ducks and chickens go inside an old hog shed which has been converted to a duck and chicken house for the fowl.


photo duck shed and waterers
The converted hog shed provides ducks and chicken protection and shelter from the weather and cold in winter.  The 5 gallon buckets are used as waterers for the fowl.


photo plastic pipe feeders
These PVC pipe are used as feeders for the fowl.  These are located inside the shed.


photo duck eggs
Notice all the duck eggs in the yard!  Dan likes to have the ducks be outside so they will lay their eggs in the yard and they will be much cleaner. Dan collects 8-9 dozen every day.


greenhouse structure
Dan is expanding this year with another enterprise, vegetable production. He has built a small greenhouse for starting plants.
plants in greenhouse
Plants growing in his greenhouse will be planted in his raised bed garden.


raised beds garden
Dan uses compost produced from manure of the ducks and chickens and wood shavings.  This compost is spread on top of the raised beds he has built in the garden.  Some of the vegetable crops Dan will raise include: tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, kale, okra and even sunflowers.  He plans on selling produce at the Auburn Farmer’s Market and at the Farmer’s Market in Rockbrook in Omaha as well this summer.

Dan has read the book “The Lean Farm” and believes the principles of recycling materials and cutting costs. He works with schools and talks about local food to students and others in the community.  Dan is active in the community and donates eggs for the firemen for their fundraiser each year.  You can find out about Dan’s farm on Facebook at: