Farm Beginnings hosts Ruth Chantry with Common Good Farm tomorrow!


Common Good Farm grows a very diverse selection of vegetables on their farm.
Common Good Farm has a flock of Rhode Island Reds that produce excellent quality eggs. 

Hi Everyone, tomorrow Ruth Chantry from Common Good Farm will be at Farm Beginnings class at the Douglas County Extension Office in Omaha, NE at 8015 West Center Road.  At 10:00 a.m. Ruth Chantry will discuss their organic and  biodynamic farm which is located near Raymond, NE. Ruth and her husband, Evrett Lundquist raise and sell a variety  of vegetables, eggs, honey, beef, pork and starter plants from their farm.  They sell off their farm and at a Farmers Market. Come and hear how Common Good Farm plans the production and marketing of their very diversified farming operation.



Pork has been added as another product for Ruth and Evrett at Common Good Farm. 


Just come to the Douglas County Extension Office at 8015 West Center Road tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.  The cost of the program is only $25 and it includes lunch.  Just bring cash or a check to the office tomorrow.

















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