Webinar Scheduled for Thursday, April 6th at 10:00 a.m. on Permaculture

Nebraska SARE is sponsoring a webinar on April 6th  from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Central Time on Permaculture. The link to this webinar is listed below:


Meeting ID: 853 147 857

The title of the webinar is: “Nebraskan Permaculture Design, Trees as the Farmer’s Best Friend, & Other helpful tips”   By Gus von Roenn, Permaculture designer, builder, urban farmer, activist, educator, land steward, event planner and nonprofit founder.

Please tune in to this webinar to see how the concepts of Permaculture can be applied to the unique circumstances presented in Nebraska. Permaculture is the pursuit to feed, shelter, transport, and energize your life in your community without compromising the integrity of the world’s living environment. Working with nature allows us to achieve our goals with minimal maintenance. Poorly designed landscapes, buildings and technology that attempt to counter the forces of nature add complexity to our lives and create dependence on a complex system that needs maintenance.

Gus is an advocate for permaculture and sustainable practices throughout Nebraska. He works through many organizations like the Nebraska Farmers Union, the Sierra Club, Nebraskans for Solar, Nebraska Sustainability Agricultural Society, the Metro Omaha Food Policy Council and Omaha Permaculture to elevate the discussion of issues surrounding healthy food accessibility, land stewardship and entrepreneurship in low-income communities. His academic background is in anthropology, sociology, archaeology and permaculture while working in landscaping, photography and home remodeling to pay off school. Currently, Gus is a certified permaculture designer with his own Permaculture design consulting firm and landscaping crew to install the designs. He is also the founder of a nonprofit called Omaha Permaculture that accepts degraded, vacant land for restoration while providing space to incubate agriculture-related entrepreneurial opportunities.  As an advocate for everything Permaculture and sustainability in Nebraska, he likes to help many organizations teach their constituents the limitless opportunities that create abundance in all of our communities for all of us to share.  You can learn more about Gus and permaculture at http://www.vrpermaculture.com/ and http://www.omahapermaculture.org/. This webinar will be recorded. If you have questions about this webinar, feel free to contact me at glesoing2@unl.edu or (402) 274-4755.

Permaculture Garden Stock Photo - 47436360

Examples of how permaculture is being used in landscapes